For women in addition to the basic program of dual cultivation there is a Geisha school. Frequently such schools name schools of geishas, meaning, under word the geisha, the REAL WOMAN.

Our School is based on internal practice. It is a powerful resource for the modern woman. Ancient wisdom of the east has passed test by millenia and has proved the high efficiency. Even the modern science addresses to wisdom ancient.

The school is designed basically for the women, wishing to find beauty of a body, magic to involve men and to be out of competition, on women wishing to get and keep harmony in family. But it does not mean, that men can not participate in the program and receive from it benefit. The truth for men it there will be in the greater degree theoretical knowledge.


The majority of people considers, that beauty of a body - external attribute achievable due to cosmetics, clothes, plastic operations. This huge errors. Any external attributes will not replace internal light and naturalness.

Use magic of beauty. You learn to love the body. Will make a body healthy and plastic, learn to radiate sexuality. You become really attractive due to the sexual energy. The combination taoist sexual practices and tantric belly dance gives really magic effect.


  • Taoist meditation. An internal smile and an external (space) smile. Learn to love the body and to radiate love.
  • Taoist cosmetic massage. The best cosmetics is your energy. Due to these exercises you really begin more youngly.
  • Tantric belly dance. Open the body. Learn to move harmoniously and beautifully, make your gait easy and graceful.
  • Practice of radiation of sexual energy. Radiate light, shine always, shine everywhere. Be not afraid - the light does not result in a power consumption, on the contrary the more you shine the more energy receive.
  • Harmony external and internal. Effectively learn to combine internal methods " magics of beauty " with external methods (cosmetics, clothes). The main thing that external supplemented and emphasized your internal beauty.

The form of training:

  • Regular employment(occupations) (internal);
  • Seminars (in absentia);
  • Individual.

What we are able after the ending? The first step of Geisha school of s will make you really charming, and the main thing will learn to use the beauty. Internal beauty which does not depend on age, weight and a level of incomes, but only from your energy and skill to love.


Skill to tempt and keep the man to become presently actual. On this subject the weight of books, but a problem in the friend is written - only intrigues it is difficult to achieve desirable, necessary to be the present woman. To be able to love. To like in full sense of this word. Only then harmony is possible.


  • Taoist philosophy. Bases of relations of the man and the woman. Internal needs and social masks. How to become sincere with itself?
  • Art of marriage apartments. Recommendations " Greenstone maidens " how to begin the good mistress, one night with which will make the man yours for ever..
  • Exercises with Greenstone egg. Confidential engineering imperial wifes.
  • Sensual massage. Such massage frequently name "Thai" or "erotic". But it not absolutely so - a basis of it massage sensuality and understanding of the partner. Massage allows to study " erogenous geography " the of the man and to present it health and pleasure.

The form of training:

  • Seminars (in absentia);
  • Individual.

What we are able after the ending? When you like, like sincere and selflessly - the world opens for you. It is Magic. And in sex, give pleasure, and you receive, yours the man will respond with gratitude and admiration, that he has such woman.


If you are able to radiate beauty and to deliver fantastic pleasure - anyone the man there will be you, but it does not guarantee stable and harmonious relations. In a basis of all relations lays spiritual (thin, power) unity of people. The common way and the common values. It is magic of INTERNAL LIGHT.

Even if you do not have partner - work at a spiritual level allows to make, so that the person close to you has appeared near to you. And it will be that person about which you dream!


  • Taoist philosophy. Attitudes(relations) of the man and the woman, as reflection of Universal love. Create in family the harmony similar to harmony in the universe.
  • Taoist meditation. Sublimation of sexual energy. The more energy, the more strongly you can influence the destiny. Unit yours of energy for achievement of overall aims and movement on the general(common) Way. In life it is very important that your partner became the colleague on your Way.
  • Family feng shui. Harmony in the house. Purchase good karma (family happiness). Learn to use space and time as a source of your family well-being.

The form of training:

  • Individual.

What we are able after the ending? At the end of training you simply learn to be happy. And it probably the most important achievement of our School.

Good luck to you!


Seminar of the first step of geisha school "Magic of beauty " March, 10-15, 2009.

More in detail about individual training at Geisha school.

School of Dual cultivation - taoist sexual practices (sexual Kung Fu, tao of love, tantra yoga)